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Author: David Herman

David Herman's Article

Rising Waters Lead to Raising Money

When times are tough or tragedy strikes in the United States, the people of this  country produce the greatest assets which we never proclaim. That asset is the giving of time, treasure and talent to those who are different from us, those we have never met and those we may never know. In Anna Quindlen's "A Quilt of a Country" she states, "that the clinging to ethnicity, in background and custom, has undermined the concept of unity." She goes on to say that even being a mongrel nation, in times of tragedy, this country has one spirit. 

Mr. Herman's freshman English classes proved Quindlen's claim in "A Quilt of a Country" by raising money for those they do not know, who are different from themselves in culture, rituals and ethnicity, but have been overcome by the horrific hurricane Harvey. The classes together raised $256.30 to be sent in relief to people afflicted by the storm.