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Hi, my name is Hayden but mostly people call me Haystacks. I am a Senior at Northwest and my blog will be about Fashion, Sports and Photography. Are you ready for this journey with me?

Miracle's Bio

Miracle here! Welcome to my blog on the Northwest web page. You will discover my many interest of pets, dancing, sci-fi, books, being the oldest and Hot Pink! I also Write poetry! Do you?t

Gwen's Introduction

I'm Gwen. I enjoy writing and I love JOURNALISM! Please check my blog on the Northwest web page for topics like music, comics, photography, volleyball, and swimming. Topics written by an ordinary girl from Nebraska!

Bio :)

What's Up Huskies! I'm Casey! I enjoy the outdoors, music, photography and sports. I am a very outgoing and adventurous person. Check out my blog and make comments about my topics. I would love to get your input on my work!