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Volleyball 9/19

Volleyball 9/19

This Tuesday all teams of volleyball played at Westside. Freshman, Reserve, JV, and Varstiy played against Westside at 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30. Out of the four teams only Reserve won in three sets and all other teams lost. Varisty lost in three sets and JV and Freshman lost in two sets. Next time all levels will play is this Thursday September 21 at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. Go support your huskies!!

Quote of the Week

You will never have this day agoin, so make it count. 

- Landon N.

This day is a basic everyday motivation. To me it means always live the day to the fullest because you will never relive the day again. On Earth you don't have unlimitied days; your life is short because you won't be here forever, so make every moment count because you wont get it back. Make a memory each day to represent the life you are living. Everyday people should read this quote because each passing day is another day you don't have. My advice is to love life for the longest because people love you back and you won't be in the world for long so life now.

just an ordinary girl from Nebraska


Quote of the Week: September 18

"Just because my path is different, doesnt mean I am lost." 

Gerad Abrams

This quotes relates to so many things; politics, careers, life choices, and in general life. So many people can relate to this quote because some people think if you dont pick the same path as them or its not the traditional path, you are setting yourself up to fail or you are lost. Many Politics can relate to this too, like abortion. Many conservative politicians think when women have an abortion, they are atomatically a killer or bad person. And that might be the case, but sometimes its not. Also, many people deciding to not go to college; people think they are lost and wont make it. But school might not be for them and if they did go to school they would fail and waste all of the money for nothing. This quote is saying just because people have different opinions and choices than you doesnt mean they are wrong or incorrect. It means they think differently and don't have the same mind as you, everybody thinks a different way and has a different mind. 

just an ordinary girl from Nebraska


What's New

It's an app called Sandbox Color by Number Coloring Pages. It's available in the Play store as well the App stores. It's a coloring app that lets you color by number. It helps relieve stress and is very relaxing. It's also very addicting so be careful. I highly suggest you check it out. You are able to print your pictures as well as share them. To be able to color any pictures you have to buy them but they are some really great ones that are on the app that you can color without paying. Which are the ones that don't have hearts at the top of the picture. If there is a heart you have to buy to color. It doesn't take up much space and it's a great way to focus on something other than school for an hour or two.

Volleyball 9/12

This Tuesday all levels of volleyball played number one ranked Papillion La-Vista South High School. Varisity, JV, Reserve, and Freshman all lost, but Reserve had a close game. Unfortunatley, all teams didnt split any sets and lost all. This Thursday, both Varistiy and JV play a triangular at Benson. 

Rising Waters Lead to Raising Money

When times are tough or tragedy strikes in the United States, the people of this  country produce the greatest assets which we never proclaim. That asset is the giving of time, treasure and talent to those who are different from us, those we have never met and those we may never know. In Anna Quindlen's "A Quilt of a Country" she states, "that the clinging to ethnicity, in background and custom, has undermined the concept of unity." She goes on to say that even being a mongrel nation, in times of tragedy, this country has one spirit. 

Mr. Herman's freshman English classes proved Quindlen's claim in "A Quilt of a Country" by raising money for those they do not know, who are different from themselves in culture, rituals and ethnicity, but have been overcome by the horrific hurricane Harvey. The classes together raised $256.30 to be sent in relief to people afflicted by the storm.

Volleyball Triangular

Northwest volleyball took on the Benson Bunnies and Bryan Bears in a triangular this Thursday. Both JV and Varsity played against the Bunnies and Bears. Varsity won a straight set against Benson and won against Bryan; putting the teams season to 2-1. JV also won with straight sets against both Benson and Bryan, leaving their season to 3-0. Next Tuesday all levels of volleyball will play Millard West at Millard West.

Quote of the Week

This quote totally relates to me. I am a person that worries a lot, like the future and the past. When I do things, I always think back to it and think what I could have changed and what I could have done better. Now, this quote is telling me to do the opposite, and I think its saying stop second guessing myself.

This quote, to me, means stop looking back, so you can move forward. If you keep thinking about the past and how to change it., like me, you will never be able to move forward. What’s in the past can’t be changed, you have to learn from it, to change. To move forward you have to think “forward” not back ward. Moving forward is what everybody has to do in life if you keep reversing you wont discover or learn anything.

Moving forward to your next chapter is an essential to life, going forward is how life works. Time is not on hold for you to look back. The world is moving forward without you and if you keep looking back, you will be stuck in the past.

just an ordinary girl from Nebraska

Book Club Wednesday

I'm reading The Fire by Caroline B. Cooney. It's the third in a series so I suggest you reading the first two books. Fog and Snow. It follows the story of a girl named Christine who is the only one who sees the series and maybe even deadly intentions of her Principal and his wife also her English teacher. The Shevvingtons. It's up to her to save people who are close to her that is if they don't kill her first. I'm in love with this book, but then again, I fall in love with every book that keeps me reading past the first chapter, but this book keeps you on your toes. There are a series of twist and turn, it's frustrating but you can't put it down because you must know what happens next. It's one of those books you read instead of doing homework and it's exhilarating. I highly suggest this series. You can find it in the school library in the Fiction section.

I'm considering starting a new series. But after I finish Fire I think I'm going to take a break from series of books until I find the right one I want. So, I am going to consider the book Revived by Cat Patrick. It's about a girl who is a pawn of the government she is revived repeatedly and each time moved to a new destination with a new name so no one finds out about this project. When she meets her first two real friends she realizes that maybe she doesn't want to be revived again. I guess she will find out what happens when life and death collide. If this seems like a book you would read tell me and read it before me and please tell me what you think. Feedback is always welcome.

This has been Miracle with her weekly book club Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your week and make sure you pick up a book or two.


American Spirit Summit

      Students fill the west side of the gym waiting to listen to outstanding speakers from Nebraska. The 5th annual American Spirit Summit was held at Northwest High school at 8am on Friday September 1st. Three speakers known from all around Nebraska showed up to give the students an overview of life. Many explained how no matter what your going through if you life integrity and motivation can take you far.
      Senior, Tony Lee, 2018 Student Body President started off the morning with an introduction. The Northwest color guard presented during the Pledge of Allegiance. The first speaker was Tom Osborne. Osborne was the head coach of the University of Nebraska from 1973-1997.
“Character is the most important thing about you, yet it’s a choice. Money, friends, and popularity will come and go, but you will always have character.” Explained Osborne.
      Osborne talked about his team from 1994 and 1995, when Nebraska won the national championship. Each player had great character and motivation which helped build the team to success. Tom Osborne announced that life is short for some people and that to make the most of it. He told the students about how great Tommy Frazier and Brook Berrings was. Frazier and Berrings had to compete to see who was better to earn the starting spot in the 1995 season.
Osborne explained how Brook Berrings tragic death made an impact on so many peoples life. Berrings passed in a airplane accident a week before he was going to be drafted to the NFL.
      “What do you want someone to say about you at your funeral one day, be that person” said Osborne.
      The second speaker was Nebraska’s Attorney General, Doug Peterson. Peterson talked about his childhood. His father passed away when he was a child and his mother worked a lot. Peterson never had any encouragement growing up. He started to go down the wrong pass.
      Peterson told his story to the students and explained how one saying from a family friend changed everything. Later in high school, multiple teachers has told him he needs to start applying himself. One of his teachers even told him they believe in him, which then gave him a push of motivation. Now, Peterson is an Attorney General for Nebraska! With a little encouragement, support and motivation you can do anything.
      Last speaker was Mark Leflore from the Douglas County Youth Center. Leflore explained his job at the center and what goes on inside. The Youth Center, also known as (DCYC), has a school, library, and a gym. Workers encourage students to better themselves as individuals.
      Volunteers come in and bring ‘junk food’ like pizza or burgers for the students who earned a reward. Volunteers shows support to the students who don’t have regular visitors. The Youth Center encourages visitors to show support to the student, family and friends 18 years old and older can visit. Leflore showed the students a PowerPoint that he shows the families who come to the youth center and gave them a virtual tour.