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Book Club Wednesday

I'm reading The Fire by Caroline B. Cooney. It's the third in a series so I suggest you reading the first two books. Fog and Snow. It follows the story of a girl named Christine who is the only one who sees the series and maybe even deadly intentions of her Principal and his wife also her English teacher. The Shevvingtons. It's up to her to save people who are close to her that is if they don't kill her first. I'm in love with this book, but then again, I fall in love with every book that keeps me reading past the first chapter, but this book keeps you on your toes. There are a series of twist and turn, it's frustrating but you can't put it down because you must know what happens next. It's one of those books you read instead of doing homework and it's exhilarating. I highly suggest this series. You can find it in the school library in the Fiction section.

I'm considering starting a new series. But after I finish Fire I think I'm going to take a break from series of books until I find the right one I want. So, I am going to consider the book Revived by Cat Patrick. It's about a girl who is a pawn of the government she is revived repeatedly and each time moved to a new destination with a new name so no one finds out about this project. When she meets her first two real friends she realizes that maybe she doesn't want to be revived again. I guess she will find out what happens when life and death collide. If this seems like a book you would read tell me and read it before me and please tell me what you think. Feedback is always welcome.

This has been Miracle with her weekly book club Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your week and make sure you pick up a book or two.