Mission Statement

About The Academy of Finance

The Academy of Finance is a program consisting of a three-year course of study which will include an internship in an Omaha-based financial institution during the summer of the senior year.  Students must apply for entrance into the program and are selected on the basis of past performance in business and related classes, teacher recommendations, and an interview by Northwest and OPS Business Education Staff.  The selection process will take place in the 9th grade for the three-year program; however, additional students may be added at any time during the program of study provided the student completes the sequence of courses.  The first five semesters are offered for Honors or regular credit with Introduction to Business offered for Honors and dual credit.  Prerequisites include Gateway to Technology, Computer Information Management, or Accounting 1 & 2.  Accounting courses may be taken concurrently with Academy courses.

The mission of Omaha Northwest High School, a community of learners, is to provide educational opportunities which enable ALL students to achieve and lead in academic success.

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