Northwest High School Counselors



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*Note: Find your school counselor by the first letter of your last name as shown in parentheses 

Mrs. Lovercheck, School Counseling Director (A, E, I, O, U, V, Y) 531-299-4094

Mrs. Betterton, School Counselor (Freshmen Academy teams: Alaskan Malamute & Mackenzie) 531-299-4153


Mr. Ferree, School Counselor/Records  (G, J, N, R)     531-299-9665



Mrs. Weller, School Counselor (K, L, M, Wh-Wy, Z) 531-299-4788


Mrs. McQueen-Eichmann, School Counselor (C, H, N, T)    531-299-7486


Mrs. Weeder, School Counselor (B, D, F, P, W-We)   531-299-4038


Mrs. Rotherham, School Counselor (S, Q, X, Freshman Academy team: Siberian)  531-299- 9686