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Golf Team Fundraiser

The Northwest Boys Golf Team will be running a fundraiser, to support the team this upcoming spring as well as many seasons forthcoming. This is a unique opportunity unlike any others you may have ever experienced. We have partnered with Antigua Apparel, and are offering anyone quality apparel at discounted prices. Any of the items can be embroidered with the NW logo at no additional cost. The discount comes because there are limited sizes and colors available. Pricing will be by category, simple and straight forward. Samples are attached along with the NW logo we will be using for this order.

The process is simple.

1.     Login to this website

2.     Scroll through the items and select what you want (color, size).

3.     Decide if you want the NW Logo on the item.

4.     Contact for order questions. Click for Order Form

5.     DUE DATE is December 1st.

6.     That is it!  Orders should be processed within approximately 4 weeks.


Men’s Polos


Men’s Woven Shirts


Men’s Outerwear




Women’s Polos


Women’s Athleisure (Long-sleeve)


Women’s Athleisure (Short-sleeve)


Women’s Contemporary & Sport (Long-sleeve)


Women’s Contemporary & Sport (Short-sleeve)


Women’s Woven Shirts


Women’s Outerwear


Youth T-Shirt


Youth Hoodie