Welcome to Northwest High School

Husky Nation!

Northwest High School is one of the most remarkable and exciting institutions within Omaha Public Schools.  The diversity of our population is a true reflection of the make-up of our community and the world around us.  As we move through the school year, I challenge each of us to always give our very best towards our fellow Huskies and towards ourselves; we each deserve that courtesy both given and received.  

As you experience your time here as a Husky, please remember that this time in high school has the potential to be the most memorable experience that you have had, if you allow it and do your part.  We have filled the building with adults who care about your wellbeing and future to help guide you through your next steps.  I encourage each of us to make each day special that we enter the building and continue to maintain our pride in our family, community, and school making Northwest High School the premier high school in Omaha.  

I look forward to an amazing school year; GO HUSKIES!

Dr. Kimberly Jackson,

Dr. Kimberly Jackson, Principal