The mission of Omaha Northwest High School, a community of learners, is to provide educational opportunities which enable ALL students to achieve and lead in academic success.

8204 Crown Point Ave - Omaha, NE 68134

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Omaha Northwest P.B.O. (Parent Booster Organization)



The Northwest—Parent Booster Organization (NW_PBO) welcomes you to another amazing school year!
Here is some information that will help you stay in the loop as we join together to support our
Huskies…students, families and staff!!


Everyone is welcome to be a part of our Omaha Northwest family and staff support system. There is a
place for you! Please consider joining the PBO as well as one of our special committees that promote
our Omaha Northwest High School Triple A+ focus, including: ACADEMICS, ARTS and ATHLETICS. Other
opportunities for leadership and involvement are Post Prom, Teacher Appreciation, Garden
Beautification and much more. This email will be shared school-wide, and if you would like to continue
receiving emails, please make sure you sign up to be a member, or email your contact information to
the NW-PBO at so that you are included on our list for future

Warmest regards,

Your 2020-2021 NW-PBO (Northwest - Parent Booster Organization)


Download the Membership Form - PBO Membership Form 2020

Online Membership Form - Click this link


Our social media addresses are: 

  • Facebook--@onwcia
  • Twitter--@ONWHSCIA

Meeting Dates

General Meeting Dates:

Our meeting will still take place monthly, and because of the pandemic, we will continue to host the
NW-PBO meetings online. Stay tuned for a link that will be sent out monthly via email and social media.
Please know that we would love to have as many families and staff members take part in supporting our

Our social media addresses are: 
  • Facebook--@onwcia
  • Twitter--@ONWHSCIA

Board and Committees


President: Dr. Suzi Yokley-Busby
Vice-President: Mrs. Tammy Klein
Vice-President: Mr. Thomas Lee, NW Principal
Vice-President: Mr. Bob Gittins
Secretary: Mrs. Anna Schmidt
Treasurer: Mrs. Angie Hawkins